Safety & Environmental Management

We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard in safety and environmental management within the building, maintenance and construction industry.


Keves is committed to a policy of providing a safe working environment for all employees by complying with all provisions of the Work Health & Safety Act, Safework SA and client based workplace requirements.

We ensure the provision of a safe working environment with high levels of supervision and staff training including access to relevant information such as MSDS documentation, up-to-date building codes and standards and Safework SA safety documentation.

Managers, supervisors and workers are responsible for the regular maintenance of equipment, enforcement of our safety polices to employees/subcontractors, and certifying that the clients satisfaction of completed works/safety is conserved.

Work health and safety training and experience is at the forefront of our business.

It allows our clients peace and mind that our policies, procedures, and programs will create an injury-free work site and implement any changes at the work place to ensure the safety and well-being of our client's personnel.

Our First Aid officers have undertaken certified training to ensure a thorough and current understanding of first aid including any evolution that may occur with Worksafe legislation. All our employees attend monthly toolbox meetings, addressing day to day safety as a priority that includes safety presentations with videos on safety techniques and the prevention of workplace incidents.

All members of our staff are responsible for the protection of their own health and safety including that of others by utilising documents such as Take 5, JSA, and SWMS. Understanding of the identification of hazards, reporting accidents and incidents, using personal protective equipment allows Keves Building Works and their team to comply with the established safe work practices and procedures developed by the Master Builders Association of South Australia.

Keves Building Works are committed to reduce the impact that the projects, services, and products have on the environment by utilising resources, materials and processes that are environmentally responsible.

Through our monthly toolbox meetings, discussions on methods and techniques to minimise the environmental impact such as recycling of materials are applied where possible to ensure the client's best interests and the environment is sustained.

We believe that by making a commitment to the way we operate our business, we can contribute to an improved environment through our works in the construction industry throughout our area of influence and control. We are committed to being pro-active in the environmental process from all levels of management within our organisation by encouraging our clients, subcontractors, suppliers and workers to find ways that will reduce their environmental impact.

In addition, regular updates and discussions with our suppliers in new and alternative products allow us to maintain our commitment to the longevity of our environment with minimal impact to our clients.