Project Management

We've implemented a stringent quality management process to ensure the project requested by the client is actually the finished product the client received at the completion of the works.



Our dedicated team meet with the clients’ nominated representative(s) to define your needs and expectations. With existing buildings, we attend the site with your nominated representative(s), to conduct an onsite evaluation to determine all design needs including:

Scoping requirements and compliance

Material suitability to ensure environmental sustainability requirements are met

Project timeliness to ensure a minimum disruption to users

Timeliness and site availability to achieve Project delivery timelines

Site access and logistics considerations

Other considerations

Critical Design Review

Following the site inspection a detailed analysis is undertaken in compliance with our in-house design review processes. During this review, Keves Building Works will present a detailed design analysis of all materials and components to be used and determine all necessary calculations and certification requirements.

Project Delivery

Project delivery is undertaken by our qualified trade’s personnel and pre-qualified sub-contractors who are experienced in the delivery of building and construction projects. As a part of our project delivery methodology Keves Building Works undertake a comprehensive site management process which documents all activities and communications undertaken in the delivery of a project of this nature.

Typical Site Documentation requirements will include:

This formalised communication enables Keves Building Works Project Managers, sub-contractors and clients to determine the status of the project, at a glance. All works are carried out and completed in accordance with relevant AS/NZ standards, including:

Operational checks


Hand over